Leo Copers at BOZAR, in the framework of Art on Paper

At BOZAR, Leo Copers exhibits a series of works on paper - Dark Museums and Colored Museums - that occupy a crucial position within his artistic trajectory. These works are complemented by the White-Light Generator and sketches, designs and drawings that form the basis of many of Copers’ projects but rarely see the light of day, if at all.


A few words from the artist…

What does drawing mean in your practice?

My archive consists of different types of drawings. Some are kind of an exercise/workout, while some others are sketches visualizing thoughts or developing ideas in a technical way (such as the materials, locations and presentation that I choose). I also make drawings that transcend the figurative, as an interpretation of my thoughts. Just think of the studies of dark museums, where light is constantly missing. The preliminary sketches of these already rejected works are kind of a final product. I also make drawings of invisible museums in which works on paper are inverted. My notes and texts can also be considered as drawings.

Interview by Sofie Crabbé


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