PAPERCUTS – SOFAM Soundsketches for Art on Paper

A proposal by Marie Cantos, artistic director, in collaboration with Alix Gastineau, sound artist, realized with the support of SOFAM.

Alix Gastineau, sound artist
©Marie Cantos
Claude Cattelain, Mélanie Berger and Alix Gastineau ©Marie Cantos

Steven Baelen drawing Gaia Carabillo
©Marie Cantos
Studio of Lisa Wilkens in Ghent
©Anaïs Chabeur


If a person who draws can be called a “blind seer” (Jacques Derrida, Memoirs of the Blind, 1990)
then let us lend an ear and listen: this year Art on Paper is initiating a collection of sound capsules that is bound to develop in shape and format over time, over the course of future salon editions.

The five first sound sketches of the project immerse us in the universes of ten artists: anything you see will be suggested by the words, pauses and noises that you hear. Adopting the principle of a cut-up, and its effects of collage and overlapping elements, these PAPERCUTS have been conceived to make artistic practices audible, including the spaces they are inscribed into, and extracts from the readings that feed into them. 

5 participant artists at Art on Paper were invited to choose one other artist each, for an exchange on their respective approaches to the medium of paper. These sound pieces, composed from snippets of speech, textual fragments and sounds harvested in the artists’ studios, sketch ways of making and seeing. Any lingering mental images will be reflections to accompany you as you continue with your visit. 

The 5 first PAPERCUTS may be listened to in the resting point provided by SOFAM at booth 48 and are now broadcast hereunder, being revealed one by one during the fair:


Meetings in sound between

Benjamin L. Aman (Winner of the Eeckman Art Prize) & Marion Auburtin,
Steven Baelen (Levy.Delval) & Gaia Carabillo,
Claude Cattelain (Archiraar Gallery) & Mélanie Berger,
Amy Hilton (Spazio Nobile) & Édith Bories,
Lisa Wilkens (Caps) & Koenraad Dedobbeleer