From 5pm to 6pm - Rotonde Bertouille of BOZAR (in English)
Presentation of drawings from the Colección INELCOM Arte Contemporáneo (Madrid) by its CEO and curator Javier Quilis

The CEO and curator of Colección INELCOM Arte Contemporáneo, Javier Quilis, will present drawings and work on paper from the collection, which reflects the culture and values of the telecommunication and technological company. Gathering 218 works by 79 artists, the collection includes works by Julião Sarmento, Antony McCall, Steve McQueen, Juan Muñoz, Ernesto Neto and Damián Ortega. Contemporary art is in the company’s DNA and they collaborate with artists as technological partners. Collaboration with artists such as Carsten Höller lead to the production of works that became part of the collection.




From 2pm to 3pm - Rotonde Bertouille of BOZAR (in English)
TATE and Valeria Duplat - Collecting works on paper with a conservation mindset

The talk will give key points to consider when collecting paper-based artworks. The role of documentation and the importance of mounts, frames and housing standards will be discussed. The talk will also comment on the consequences of display, transport and the impact of environment. Valeria Duplat is a paper conservator responsible for acquisitions of works on paper and photography at Tate.


From 4pm to 5pm - Rotonde Bertouille of BOZAR (in French)
Denis De Rudder and Katrin Ströbel - Drawing as a tool? Teaching and Research around the medium in art schools

Talk between Denis De Rudder, artist, member of the Art on Paper selection committee, teacher in charge of the drawing department at La Cambre (Brussels) and Katrin Ströbel, artist and teacher at La Villa Arson (Nice), with the participation of Amel Nafti, director of the School of Art and Design of Grenoble-Valence, who will be presenting the international programme “Drawing Open”.